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Our newly worldwide patented protuct - Tommy Mini Fan is not only a fan, and is also a Torch with various function. Tommy Mini Fan only weigh 392g operate by 4 x AA batteries, its diversatied functions including 7pcs LED torch light, emergency flash light with display of international S.O.S. signal. Desk Lamp/Fan with USB usage, Tommy Mini Fan is durable and energy saving. It is an ideal gift and also a ¡§must have¡¨ item that provides powerful support to everyone. Different color for customer¡¦s selection, here is the list of functions:
Product ID¡GFS-9155
1) Vertical Fan DC motor 6V = 0.42A 2.5W
    Standard 6V = 15-16km/h
    Battery AA 6V = 15km/h
    USB usage 4.6V = 12km/h
2) Torch LED x 7pcs. - 0.18A 1.1W
3) Emergency Signal Lamp can be used to highway during your car breakdown.
4) SOS Signal Lamp can be used in hiking or outdoor camping when
something unexpected happened
5) Table Lamp with USB usage can be used together with your computer
China Patent No.:
Design: 200930078676.2
Structure: 200920057596.3
Hong Kong Patent No.:
Design: 0901519.1
Structure: 09108972.6
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Photo from Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) 2009